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Wish ,hope

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Many people have ask

Many people have asked me this question lately, and it’s such an important question, that I think I shouldn’t wait any longer before answering it. So here it goes:


What is the difference between “wish” and “hope”?


In Chinese, both words translate to the same word, 希望. But in English, both “wish” and “hope” have different grammar, although they are still quite similar. Both are also followed by a verb. I’ll try to explain the difference as easily as possible and give you plenty of examples so you can see the difference.

在中文里,这两个单词都是“希望”的意思。但在英文中,“wish ”和“hope”在语法上的用法有所不同,尽管它们看起来还是有点相似。它们后面都是跟着一个动词。接下来我会尽可能用最简单的方式来解释这两个单词之间的区别,并且我会给你们一些例句让你们更好的理解。

If you truly want this to be a “1 Minute” explanation, I’ll tell you the most important key now: Hope = possible. Wish = Impossible. Now then, here we go to the detailed explanation.

如果你真的希望这个解释跟我的频道名称一样,只需要1分钟就能让你明白,那么我现在就把重点告诉你:Hope = 可能发生的,Wish = 不可能发生的。就是这样,接下来我们再来看看更详细的解释。


We use “hope” when we want something to happen that is possible. When there is actually a realistic chance it can come true, we can use “hope.” The verb that follows “hope” can be past, present, or future tense. Hope + verb.



Sorry I couldn’t go to your birthday party Malloy. I hope you had a good time! (past)。


You had an interview yesterday? I hope it went well. (past)。


It’s already 6:05; I’m late for the movie! I hope it hasn’t started yet! (present)。


Ethel hopes her boss will give her a promotion this year. (future)。


3、Wish 1 – Impossible

4、Wish 的第1种用法 — 事情不可能发生

We use “wish” when we want something to happen that is impossible, or at least very unlikely to happen. When there is almost no real chance it can come true, we use “wish.” The verb that follows “wish” is past tense. Wish + past verb.



I wish I had a job. (I don’t have a job now, but I want one).


I wish I didn’t have to do homework. (I do, but I don’t want to).


I wish I were tall. (I’m short, but I want to be tall).


I wish I could fly. (I can’t fly, but I want to).


6、Wish 2 – Regret (past)

Wish 的第2种用法 — 后悔某件事(过去式)

We can use “wish” if we regret something that happened in the past. If we could, we would do it differently, but it’s too late now, it’s in the past. The verb that follows “wish” for a regret must be past perfect tense (i.e. had/have/has + past participle, or the 3rd verb i.e. “do, did, done”). Wish + past perfect tense.

当我们后悔过去发生的事,可以用“wish”。如果可以,我们会想要以另一种方式来做这件事,但是为时已晚,事情已经发生了。这时候“wish”用来表示“后悔”,那么跟在它后面的动词就必须是过去完成式(比如:had/have/has + 过去完成式,或者那3个动词 “do,did,done”)。


I wish I had gone to Malloy’s party. (I didn’t go to the party, and I regret it).


I wish I had studied more English in school. (I didn’t study hard in school, and I regret it).


I have such a headache. I wish I hadn’t gotten so drunk last night. (I got really drunk, and I regret it).


I wish I hadn’t eaten so much for dinner. (I ate too much, and I regret it).


Wish 3 – To complain (present)

8、Wish 的第三种用法 — 抱怨(现在式)

We can use “wish” to talk about a common situation that we don’t like, and how we want it to change, but we do not expect it. It’s a common kind of complaining. What follows “wish” is “would” and then a verb. Wish + would + verb。



I wish I were stronger than my girlfriend. (My girlfriend is stronger than me, and I don’t like it).


I wish the neighbor wouldn’t play his music so loudly. (My neighbor always plays loud music, and I don’t like it).


Wish 4 – Holidays & Luck

Wish 的第4种用法 — 祝假期愉快 & 祝好运

We can use “wish” in a way similar to “hope,” in that you hope someone will have a good time, a good holiday, or good luck. When used this way, they are usually commonly used expressions that might sound weird if altered too much. In this case, a noun (sometimes with an adj.) will follow “wish.” Wish + (adj/adv +) noun.



We wish you a merry Christmas. (We hope you have a merry Christmas).


Wish me luck on my exam. (Please hope that I have good luck on my exam).


I wish you health and happiness. (I hope you have health and happiness).


Wow, that took more time than I thought! Again, to make it easier to remember the difference, just try to remember: Hope = possible. Wish = Impossible (or holidays or luck).

哇~ 这解释起来花的时间比我想象的还要久!文章的最后,再次提醒,如果你想更容易记住这两者的区别,可以试着这么记:Hope = 可能发生的,Wish = 不可能发生的 (或者祝假期愉快、祝好运)。